Welcome to the New York City School Library System’s Automation Wiki!

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This wiki is dedicated to library automation topics. Our goal is to provide information, as well as a clear and proven process for automating the school library collection. Our ultimate goal is the completion of our Union Catalog and Interlibrary Loan program for all New York City K-12 school library collections.

An automated library is an educational tool that
  • Provides time for inquiry and instruction
  • Provides an environment for students to acquire 21st Century information seeking skills
  • Provides intellectual access to the library’s collection
  • Provides a system to manage materials, patrons and reports

If you are just starting to automate or are in the process of automating, please consult the documents from the Automation Basics page.

If you are looking for your school’s location code, please consult the Location Code page. Always check with our office to ensure the location code for your school is correct. To confirm your location code, please email lellis3@schools.nyc.gov.

If you are a Destiny shared catalog librarian, please look for the latest news and comments on the Destiny Users Only page.

For online Destiny tutorials and to see your school's maintenance status, please login to the following site: https://www.follettsoftware.com/login/ (The tutorials are under Professional Learning (eLearning Modules in top-left corner).

The Home Page Templates allows you to copy and paste a template for your home page on the Home Page Templates.

The MARC Magician cataloging software tool has videos linked to MARC Magician page.

Please use the discussion feature on each page or contact our office with your questions and concerns.
Happy wiki-ing!